Our very own Head of Innovation, Sarfraz Nawaz, answers a few questions about life at Navenio and the roles he is recruiting for right now…

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Hi Sarfraz… please describe your role at Navenio?

I am Head of Innovation; I lead the research and development of Navenio’s localisation and mapping technology which is at the core of everything we do.

What roles are you recruiting for?

I’m looking for several roles, and several people for each role (you can click through on each one for a job description in a new window):

What makes Navenio different to where you have worked before?

Previously I worked in academic research. Navenio is vastly different in terms of pace and environment – it’s all about cutting edge research, being very innovative, doing something that nobody has ever done before and taking it to the real world. I love that Navenio is about taking an idea to a working product that has immense benefit and is extremely useful. 

Describe the culture of Navenio in 3 words?

Very exciting, collaborative, out-of-box thinking 

Why is our mission of transforming workforce efficiency important for you?

With Navenio, we can have a direct impact quickly in the real world, improving efficiency in the NHS, and beyond…. the benefits are very immediate.

What was your first week at Navenio like?

I have worked at Navenio since its inception, 3 years ago. From week 1, things were much more fluid than my previous roles. From the outset, I was experiencing Navenio’s technology, and I was excited that we had solutions that would have many different applications that can work in the real world, Navenio is not just a research project.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve worked on recently?

The ability to take very short snippets of sensor data and combine that into a consistent physical and signal map of a building. 

What’s the work place/environment like? How do you work in team?

There are lots of interesting personalities, and in turn lots of interesting ideas. People feel they are not limited and there are no barriers to their ideas - it’s a very simulating environment to work in. 

Describe something you do outside of work/a fun memory from an offsite/team event

People organise various socials and we have offsite team building events every few months which bring people together, so colleagues get to know each other on a social level.  The best event for me so far was driving a Lamborghini. I also recently enjoyed trying my hand at Archery – it required lots of skill and strength! 

How does Navenio help you to achieve your career objectives? Grow as a person?

On-going there are learning and development opportunities available, for example going to events and conferences relevant to people’s roles. We also have mentor and training programmes that have helped me grow as a person.

What are you most passionate about in your role? 

The innovation and creating something new. 

What is the best thing about working at Navenio?

The people - they are smart, intelligent, caring, and understanding. 

Thanks Sarfraz - that should give everyone a great insight to you and the team here at Navenio.

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