Our very own Head of Product, Peter Whale, answers a few questions about life at Navenio and the roles he is recruiting for right now…

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Hi Peter… please describe your role at Navenio?

I am responsible for the product that we deliver to our customers, which utilises the indoor location technology that underpins our capability… I work on bringing our product to the world, our customers, and the end user.

What roles are you recruiting for right now?

I’m looking for several roles, and several people for each role (you can click through on each one for a job description in a new window):

What makes Navenio different to where you have worked before?

What attracted me to Navenio is the combination of very innovative technology and the tangible real-world use cases for the technology – this is what made Navenio stand out as different to me.

Within the company there is an extremely collaborative culture, it’s an open, inspiring culture with huge amounts of team work which is what I really like. 

Describe the culture of Navenio in 3 words?

Focused, energetic, and collaborative  

Why is our mission of transforming workforce efficiency important for you?

Ultimately, it means that patients get well sooner, go home quicker, and get on with their lives faster.  Postively impacting the lives of other people matters to me a lot.

What was your first week at Navenio like?

During my first two days, I was sent to a hospital in Manchester to learn about how our product brings benefits to the end user and works within the context of a hospital. A fantastic introduction to Navenio. 

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve worked on recently?

I’ve worked on so many interesting initiatives recently. My job is full of creative problem solving, I recall one day where at one moment I was helping to solve a deep technical problem and then the very next moment, we were working out ways to sign in different visitors into our new building, given we are on two floors. There is always a new challenging problem to solve and I enjoy the empowerment I am given to solve those problems. There is always contrast and variation. No two days are the same. 

What’s the work place/environment like? How do you work in team?

Around our office, there are loads of white boards; one way we work as a team is to get together around a white board, brainstorm and problem solve within a collaborative environment.  

A percentage of our team are also on-site, in hospitals, so there is a lot of team work with our on-site colleagues via a range of methods including Slack, video conferencing and phone calls. However, at the same time, we also have individuals plugged into their headphones very focussed on the job in hand – whatever works!

I also think it’s fantastic that around a quarter of our tech team are women – I believe this is well above the industry average.   

Describe something we do outside of work… a fun memory from an offsite…

We recently went to Warwick Castle on a team building event where we enjoyed a medieval themed day. I had a sword fight with our Implementation Lead who I work closely with; having fun outside the office was great. 

How does Navenio help you to achieve your career objectives and grow as a person?

The high growth potential of Navenio stretches me as an individual within the company; developing both my skills and my capabilities. 

What are you most passionate about in your role? 

Having a big vision, drawing from each person’s strengths and skills and working closely together in teams with people, overcoming challenges together towards a common vision.  The analogy for me is the Hero’s Journey: it’s like we are on a quest to  rescue the princess and slay the dragon and along the way other people join us on that journey to achieve the quest together, and as a result of the challenges we overcome together on the way, we become better people because of that journey and the shared adventure together. 

What is the best thing about working at Navenio?

The teamwork; the collaboration, passion and working with amazingly talented people.

Thanks Peter - that should give everyone a great insight to you and the team here at Navenio.

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