Our very own Head of Implementation, Jez Hansell, answers a few questions about life at Navenio and the roles he is recruiting for right now…

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Hi Jez… please describe your role here at Navenio?

I lead our Implementation team which is responsible for ensuring that our product can be set-up, tested, trialled and ultimately rolled-out across any indoor location that wants to use our solution. There are many different components to deliver, and we’re implementing across numerous sites so it’s a busy time!

What roles are you recruiting for right now?

I’m currently hiring for two roles; there’s more than one vacancy for one of the roles (you can click through on each one for a job description in a new window):

What makes Navenio different to where you have worked before?

I’ve previously worked for established companies, so this is my first taste of a true start-up. It’s both extremely exciting and inspiring, about how much opportunity there is for Navenio to make a tangible improvement to our customers and their customers. There’re so many things that we could do but there’s an art to deciding about where we should focus our time and resources.

I really enjoy that I have to work with people across the business, outside of my direct team, pretty much every single day. Everyone is willing to lend a hand to help achieve what we need to get done.

Describe the culture of Navenio in 3 words?

Fast-paced, customer-focussed, and innovative

Why is our mission of transforming workforce efficiency important for you?

Everyone benefits from what we do, which is rare to be able to say. With our portering solution, porters get more done but walk less distance, wards get a better service and staff can spend more time with patients, Hospital management get more visibility as to what’s happening in the hospital and, above all, it results in a better hospital experience for patients. 

What was your first week at Navenio like?

A whirlwind! I was really lucky in that the week that I started there was a cross-functional review of all of the different steps that need to be taken to implement Navenio into a site. It provided a great overview for me but also a great insight as to how everyone needs to work together in order to deliver for our customers. I also spent time at one of our sites in Manchester seeing how our technology works and the benefits it can deliver.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve worked on recently?

It’s been interesting that things that we were doing a week or a month ago already need to be improved because we’ve found a better way of working. For example, because our team is growing so quickly, we’re currently designing new ways to communicate cross-teams that allows better tracking of who’s doing what and what has been done. What started out as a project between two teams is now going company-wide!

What’s the workplace/environment like? How do you work in a team?

The Implementation Team spends most of the time on site at different hospitals where we’re working. We’re often on our feet mapping out hospitals, understanding the needs of our end customers, briefing and training users, or testing new products and features. With new people joining the team regularly it’s really important that different people within the team get to work with each other to ensure sufficient knowledge sharing and learning.

Describe something we do outside of work? a fun memory from an offsite perhaps?

We spend a lot of time together in the evenings as we stay away in hotels when we’re working on site... A few of the team are avid football fans so always manage to find a local establishment that’s showing the Champions League, others will ensure they make it to the gym while I often catch-up with sleep (I have two young kids at home!). Several of the team also share similar tastes in music varying from going to an electronic music festival in London to getting tickets to see the Spice Girls reunion tour!

How does Navenio help you to achieve your career objectives and grow as a person?

The pace of innovation, change and decision-making is remarkable and really stretches me to develop my problem-solving, communication, and team management skills. With the number of opportunities we have, I know that there will always be more responsibility to take on so there’s no way I can ever stop learning.

What are you most passionate about in your role? 

Am I allowed two reasons? The first would be developing the team that I currently have. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds with different skills so utilising everyone’s strengths and developing skills that they don’t yet have in order to create an Implementation Dream Team really motivates me. Secondly, I love that there isn’t really a playbook for what we’re doing – every day we need to create and improve what we’re doing to make it better. That could be speeding up a process, making something less complicated, or making a key technology more accurate. Even when we have improved so much in the just the last few months, I can still see huge opportunities to improve.

What is the best thing about working at Navenio?

The fact that I genuinely believe that our technology can make the world a better place. We’re starting with improving how hospitals function, but this is just the first step in a long journey.

Thanks Jez - that should give everyone a great insight to you and the frontline team at Navenio.

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