Efficiently build customer profiles and maximise ad targeting alongside in-app localisation with Navenio.

Navenio are not only delivering highly accurate and robust indoor localisation - but also dashboards of visit patterns and routes - alongside heat-maps, dwell times, distance covered and many other factors that answer the questions of who, where, when and why. 

Navenio therefore provides a powerful tool for businesses everywhere, including persistently used apps / social platforms. 

With the user's permission, you can sensitively build up a profile of relevant real-world movements, preferences and interests - just as you do online, but instead for the offline world - whilst delivering powerful location based services to help your users discover relevant products & services.

Navenio’s work with some of the world’s largest tech firms in both the US and China has proven that, in shopping malls and larger environments, real-world visit attribution is truly viable on an infrastructure-free basis with just the user’s smartphone. Work with our individual retail customers is providing detailed insight into the movement of their customer’s shopping and browsing behaviour, down each aisle of a store. All to help increase service level, loyalty and basket size.

Overall, the robust and highly scalable Navenio technology can enable everything from real-world contextual ad serving to immersive in-app experiences. The powerful data can also feed chat bots / digital assistants and search / recommendation engines based on where the app user is, and potentially where they have been, significantly improving levels of personalisation, effectiveness and monetisation.

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