What is our Technology?

Navenio’s Core Location Engine, driven by either Navenio’s own apps or by any client app, is built on award-winning and world leading research from the University of Oxford. It leverages complex proprietary sensor fusion algorithms, advanced signal processing and machine learning below the surface to create a deceptively simple and highly effective output.


What do I Need?

You need nothing more than a modern smartphone and a building map - our technology takes care of the rest.

The solution can be configured and deployed in a variety of ways to suit the use case and granularity of insight required - cloud-based, hybrid cloud / device-based or standalone. This allows the Navenio solution to be highly efficient when it comes to battery and data footprint on smartphones.

There are 3 key lockdown steps - each step is additive and creates a highly accurate location down to few metres, for one or many users, present or past, providing unique and actionable insight immediately. 


Location Lockdown Step 1

Best in class PDR (Pedestrian Dead Reckoning) science and algorithms that assess the movements of the user, irrespective of how the smartphone is held or moved. It uses novel sensor fusion techniques to robustly identify both the distance and direction of travel, step by step, using input from the inertial sensors of the phone.


Location Lockdown Step 2

Unique probabilistic map-matching science and algorithms, that exhaustively calculate the most likely current and previous locations of a user on a multi-floor plan of the building, over both short and long distances, made possible by the unparalleled accuracy and robustness of Navenio’s PDR.


Location Lockdown Step 3

Advanced crowdsourced signal mapping that automatically learns a wide variety of existing signal data from buildings via steps 1 and 2, and creates a unique localisation signature for every part of the environment, which then continues to self learn as the environment changes over time.


Continual Innovation

Navenio is continually evolving the technology and is currently, amongst many exciting projects, developing ways to physically map a building based on just the movements of users within it, as part of two Innovate UK projects.


Multiple Patents Pending

Navenio’s patent-pending technology leads the global field through the accuracy of each lockdown step and the frictionless scalability provided by its totally infrastructure-free nature. This has enabled Navenio to develop both full-stack and embeddable solutions where the use of either feeds Navenio’s vision of building a global mapstore for the indoor world.


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