Step 1

Either use one of Navenio's apps - or embed our SDK into your own platform.


Step 2

Navenio's SDK reads the phone's sensors - combining geofencing, inertial & pressure sensors and a variety of radio signals.

Thanks to our proprietary algorithms, the phone can be carried in any way – location accuracy is cleverly maintained throughout.

Step 3

Our powerful location engine converts this sensor data into a track, footstep by footstep, using award-winning techniques that maintain accuracy over long distances and multiple floors.

Step 4

This track is then fused with the building plan, using our unique methodology, which effectively converts the track into a very accurate journey and current location log for each person.

That accurate journey log also creates a signal map of the building automatically - and so for every user we effectively crowdsource self-learning building maps over time.

Step 5

The host app uses this data to provide highly accurate and efficient instant indoor location for the user - with very low impact on their battery or device.

As well as current location, past movements of the user can be analysed in depth - and predictions made on future movement patterns.  All of which can be integrated into your platform, or you can leverage existing solutions from Navenio instead.


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